Geomapping: what a wonderful world!

Suppose you have a set of lat/lon points, where do you find out their elevation?

Simple, let say you have the following coordinates (a cross in concrete on the top of the hill in front of my parents’ place):

45.469678, 10.970527 (I got these from 'Get Directions from here' in google maps)

Then call the relevant USGS’ web service

It says

   for Latitude 45.46                   --> Y_Value=45.469678
   for Longitude 10.97                --> X_Value=10.970527
   return result in meters            --> Elevation_Units=METERS
   use the best survey available --> Source_Layer=-1
   not other additional info        --> Elevation_Only=true

Why would you want elevations?

To plot an elevation chart of a bike or hiking tour.

Amazing what you can find around…

(This was inspired by

Enrico Spinielli
Enrico Spinielli
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