How Internet Long Tail Helped Me Fixing My Smartphone

I am just more and more amazed by the opportunities offered by the current Internet connectivity: they call it the long tail. It strikes me that just few years ago what I have done would have been extreemely difficult or very expensive … or both. So here is the story of how I was able to fix my Samsung Galaxy S2, the steps I followed and the resources that helped me.

January 30, 2015

Understanding Great Circle Arcs Intersection Algorithm

The following material is the result of my attempt to understand the nice example from Jason Davies. I was puzzled about the origin of the algorithm used to find the intersection of two great circle arcs. Google helped and I discovered Roger Stafford’s post in Matlab newsgroup and the relevant Python’s implementation in the Spherical Geometry Toolkit. The algorithm You have two great circle arcs on a sphere, (a) from point (\mathbf{a_0}) to (\mathbf{a_1}), and (b) from (\mathbf{b_0}) to (\mathbf{b_1}), whose coordinates are expressed as longitude (\theta) (positive going East of Greenwich) and latitude (\phi) (positive going North).

October 19, 2014

Failing to be recruited…

This post title to be frank should have been “Impressions about the selection process of a big Internet company (and my failure to go to the next steps after initial engagement),” but that is obviously too long. So I only kept the failure part with the aim to bring home some lessons from it ! 😏 Chronology, more or less It all started with an email at the end of July 2014 from the company’s recruiter, let’s call her Alice.

August 29, 2014

on revising

Lately I found myself involved into writing. And I have been often cought into the vicious cycle of revising my (or other’s) text without really understanding how to do it properly and when to stop. I want to summarize some of the advise I found on the web. I put it here for me to find it again and share. Let’s first paraphrase the famous grook from Piet Hein: THE ROAD TO WRITING?

May 13, 2013

Automatically extracting bomb drops from the Blitz Bomb Census maps

I just finished Blackout by Connie Willis and I was wondering where she did get all the exact times when the air raids of The Blitz were happening. I am curious because I was thinking that a timeline map would give a visual effect of the huge destruction and hard times the Londoners had to go through…so I googled for it and found the following: a nice research blog which uses the Blitz Bomb Census from The National Archivesa blog entry from the Guardian about the first day - and data - of the Blitz over London.

May 19, 2012