Air Traffic and Contrail Changes Over Europe During Covid 19 a Model Study

Abstract The strong reduction of air traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic provides a unique test case for the relationship between air traffic density, contrails, and their radiative forcing of climate change. Here, air traffic and contrail cirrus changes are quantified for a European domain for March to August 2020 and compared to the same period in 2019. Traffic data show a 72 % reduction in flight distance compared with 2019.

Investigating ADS-B MOPS Compliance using Open Data

Abstract The introduction of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) in Aviation as mandated in the US and in Europe rests on the (at least theoretical) benefits of the switch of paradigm in ATC surveillance from (continuously) active interrogation of aircraft positions by primary radars to (almost always) automatic broadcast of data by the aircraft. The cost/benefit analysis in favour of this shift weights on the 1) higher frequency and precision of the aircraft information (position, speed, .

Towards Reproducibility in ANS Performance

Abstract Air transportation is undergoing a fundamental transformation. On the political, strategic, and operational level work is directed to meet the future growth of air traffic. To meet this goal, operational concepts and technological enablers are deployed with the promises of distinct performance improvements. These improvements are typically widely marketed, however, the underlying evidence is not made available. From that respect Air Navigation System Performance faces varying levels of transparency as seen in other industries.