Enrico Spinielli

Enrico Spinielli

Data Manager

Aviation Intelligence Unit, EUROCONTROL


I am a curious geek. I love map projections and calendrical algorithms a lot. I (sort of) like to tinker with electronics but software is much more malleable and faster to work with, so, due to lack of time, I mainly play with software.


  • Aviation
  • Statistical Learning
  • Maps / GIS
  • Calendars


  • MOOC Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, 2011

    Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University), Peter Norvig (Google)

  • MSc in Electronic Engineering, 1994

    University of Pisa, Italy

Recent Posts

Expandig Kobo Clara HD's microSD Card

The COVID-19 lockdown in Belgium was officially enforced on noon 18th Mar 2020 but at home we were already quarantined (kids since Carnival holidays, 24th Feb; me from EOB 13th Mar).

Writing a Twitter Bot in R

Since a while I am contemplating the possibility of automatically publishing on social media some stats and data visualisations from work. When I discovered the nice bot @everytract by @fitnr (and a little later the @GVAcartografic’s #Secciócensal tweets) I decided to try and do a Twitter bot myself in order to see what is possible and how difficult it is.

ErgoDox keyboard

Now that I have a new blog setup, I can more quickly post what has been since long time in the making: my ErgoDox keyboard. It all started with me reading Steve Yegge’s blog on touch typing and being convinced I should give it a try with a proper keyboard.

New Blog Engine

I finally decided to give it a try and then switched to blogdown (here the free book.) I sort of followed the migration suggestions in the book, but when I tried to switch to Netlify I got everyting messed up with my OVH setup so I am still with Github Pages…one step at a time…

Docker image for locally testing Oracle

Docker for Oracle This post describes my journey to building and using a docker image for Oracle. It all started as usual searching the web for hints and many results led to the Oracle docker Github repository.



Data science and R

Data science using the R programming language and all of its fantastic ecosystem.

Learning: neither Deep nor Machine, just Human

My (wish) list of things to learn.

Maps and map projections

The impossible flattening of the Earth


Conversion to Python of the algorithms from the reference Common Lisp implementation of the book Calendrical Calculation.


An R data package for geographical position calculations using an ellipsoidal model of Earth