Open Flight Trajectories for Reproducible ANS Performance Review


Enrico Spinielli, Rainer Koelle, Ken Barker, Nicholas Korbey


December 7, 2018

SESAR Innovation Days 2018


Air transportation is undergoing a fundamental transformation. On the political, strategic, and operational level work is directed to meet the future growth of air traffic. To meet this goal, operational concepts and technological enablers are deployed with the promises of distinct performance improvements. These improvements are typically widely marketed, however, the underlying evidence is not made available. From that respect Air Navigation System Performance faces varying levels of transparency as seen in other industries. This paper implements the reproducibility paradigm by providing data, code, and results openly to enable another researcher or analyst to reproduce - and potentially - improve or build on our work. This work is part of a wider thread to establish Open Data and Open Source based data analytical capabilities for Air Navigation System Performance in Europe. The implementation of the paradigm is demonstrated on the basis of the performance reference trajectory by replicating a classical performance measure, and then moving into investigating the application of trajectory based information for enhancing the current state of performance monitoring for the arrival phase. This paper applies the concept and approach as a use case analysis for 2 European airports with different strategies for sequencing arrival traffic (i.e. stack holding and point merge). The research reported demonstrates the feasibility of the reproducibility approach. This work introduces a novel workflow by making available a companion web repository that provides data, code, and instructions to fully reproduce the paper.


8th SESAR Innovation Days, 3-7 December 2018. Hosted by University of Salzburg, Salzburg , Austria.

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